Refurbish your old Alma Harmony IPL Hand-pieces
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ALMA Harmony IPL Hand-pieces

At the Laserwarehouse we are able to re-furbish using original manufacturers lamps and filters. The advantage of using re-furbished ALMA hand-pieces on your ALMA Harmony is that you make a substantial saving over buying new ALMA Hand-Pieces from your local distributor. The Laserwarehouse have been supplying these re-furbished ALMA hand-pieces across Europe for the last 3 years with over 100 satisfied customers.

Your Harmony IPL Hand-Piece is programmed to last a fixed number of shots. ALMA Harmony hand-pieces and other manufacturers hand-pieces are programmed in this way as over time the lamp of the ALMA Harmony IPL hand-piece becomes weak and the ALMA Harmony IPL hand-piece will turn off before the lamp becomes too weak to give a successful treatment. Once the ALMA Harmony IPL hand-piece has come to the end of its set number of shots it will turn off. This means that you need to buy a new one at considerable expense from the local distributor. However at The Laserwarehouse we can re-charge your old ALMA Harmony IPL hand-piece by changing the lamp, filters and re-setting the microprocessor to give you a fully functional hand-piece just like new at a substantially reduced cost!!

IMPORTANT ! All our hand-pieces are original ALMA Harmony IPL hand-pieces and not cheap Chinese imports. We can even replace the plastic ALMA Harmony hand-piece case!

How does this work?

You call us and tell us what type of ALMA Harmony IPL hand-pieces you require. We keep a large volume of re-conditioned hand-pieces in stock ready to go!

We despatch these fully-refurbished factory original ALMA Harmony IPL hand-pieces once payment has been made. All re-furbished ALMA Harmony IPL hand-pieces are factory perfect with new umbilical’s and water connectors where appropriate. We even replace any damaged or cracked ALMA hand-piece cases!

We refund you £100 for each old hand-piece you send back to us making your saving even greater! We send this as a cheque or direct BACS payment back to you!

Why doesn’t the factory refurbish ALMA Harmony IPL hand-pieces?

As the manufacturer is making thousands of these hand-pieces at a time it is not economically viable for them to have a team of engineers re-furbishing ALMA Harmony IPL hand-pieces. Instead they sell new ones off the shelf.

ALMA Harmony IPL hand-pieces are made to very high specification and can be used for years as long as there are no physical signs of damage to the plastic housing. We have customers that are using ALMA Harmony IPL hand-pieces that have been refurbished 3-4 times making them a huge saving over buying them new every time.

Why reduce your profit margin by buying new! Increase your profit margin by using refurbished ALMA Harmony IPL hand-pieces from The Laserwarehouse.


Alma IPL Hand piece

Alma IPL Hand piece

Alma IPL Hand piece