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Fotona Laser Manufacturers

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Since 1964 Fotona has been one of the true pioneers of the laser industry. We are recognized as a world leader in the innovation, development and manufacture of state-of-the-art laser systems for medical, industrial and defence applications.

At Fotona our business philosophy is to continuously choose perfection. We choose perfection in all of our products by developing world-class research and development facilities to meet the needs of our clients and maintain the shortest possible time-to-market.

We choose perfection by manufacturing and stringently testing all components for our laser systems 'in-house'. This guarantees that our systems are of the highest quality, reliability and durability, in compliance with all applicable international standards.

We choose perfection by ensuring that the partners in our global network are the best available locally. We develop and nurture close relationships with our distributors and other business partners to ensure that our products and services fulfil the most current market needs.

Choosing Fotona ensures a level of perfection in your work that is unachievable by any other laser solution provider. When you choose Fotona you choose the highest performance, best-made laser systems in the world.