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Laser Repairs & Servicing

Field Repair & Service

The Laser Warehouse is a leading national provider of superior quality, cost-effective laser products and services. Our experience and extensive network make The Laser Warehouse your single, trusted source for laser maintenance, supplies and personalized service for your medical laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

The medical laser market is the fastest growing segment of the laser industry, and The Laser Warehouse is at the forefront of innovation in the supply of components and service.

The Laserwarehouse dispatches Field Service Engineers nation-wide for on-site repair of laser equipment. As The Laserwarehouse also inventories most repair parts for Candela and Cynosure systems, our parts distribution team can have repair parts at your office location the next morning, enabling our Field Service Engineers to repair your laser with minimal downtime.

Emergency service calls can be another very expensive aspect of owning any medical laser system. Many times the laser was operating perfectly one day and down the next. What happened? The fact is many of the lasers in use today deliver very high treatment energies. So, there is 'wear-out' associated with laser components, thus requiring replacement. Most all medical laser systems will require service at some point in their life. Unfortunately, this is just a fact of life to be expected. However, with proper maintenance and planning these repair costs can be minimized.

Our staff of Field Service Engineers have years of experience working on these laser platforms. We will fully explain any and all failures and operational problems encountered with your system. This is very important beyond just the repair, but also to prevent future failures. If your current medical laser repair technician cannot or will not provide this information, you should seriously consider another medical laser field service company to take over this task.

Preventative Maintenance

By scheduling periodic maintenance service our Field Service Engineers can ensure that your medical laser investment remains operating and generating revenues for a long time. Preventative Maintenance (PM) service is NOT a service to be avoided by the laser owner/operator. Rather, PMs can save money and time. Many problems with laser operation can be corrected before they become too costly.

For example, a typical PM visit could cost upwards of £500 to £1,500 when travel, expenses, and time are added into the equation. While this may seem costly as a routine expense, when compared to the cost of an operational failure, and the cancelling and rescheduling 10-20 patients, it is quite inexpensive. Beyond that, scheduled PM visits are less intrusive than emergency repairs and can be carried out in a coordinated manner.

Just as you would not expect an automobile to run for long without an oil change or tune up, the scheduling of maintenance for a laser system should be just as diligent.

Equipment Installation

Laser equipment must be properly installed to meet your expectations of trouble-free use. Installation includes proper power facilitation within your office. As power and facilities requirements for lasers differ according to make and model, installation must meet the manufacturer's specification and that of your facility's AC power network.

In addition to AC power requirements, following transport, laser equipment usually requires precision alignment. The procedures must be consistent with the manufacturer's requirements. Failing to perform these tasks properly can limit performance or it can lead to troublesome operation.
Laser systems are typically unpacked and installed for the first time by our certified Field Service Engineer. With adequate understanding of the installation requirements, your site can be prepared before installation of your new laser system.

For a given laser system this may include some of all of the following: